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Treating you as the whole person you are

Think Whole Person Healthcare is a physician-led practice which is bringing a whole new standard of health care to Omaha, Nebraska. At Think we see you as a whole person with particular needs, wants and dreams, not just a patient with symptoms and conditions.

We believe that what happens in your body and mind affects your energy, your relationships and your quality of life. That’s why you need an expert in whole person healthcare. Think exists to help you to attain complete physical, emotional, mental and social well-being – nothing less.

We do this first by taking the time to listen and understand; by empathizing and supporting you; by guiding and advising you. Led by your personal physician, Think is a community of care, made up of healthcare professionals selected by you, for you, that promises to be always there for you.

Physician-led Teams

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Tim Crnkovich M.D.
Physician T: (402) 506-9126 F: 1 (402) 858 7119 Email
Tim Crowley M.D.
Physician T: (402) 506-9101 F: 1 (402) 858 7106 Email
Stuart Frigyes M.D.
Physician T: (402) 506-9102 F: 1 (402) 261 0237 Email
Karen Joyce M.D.
Physician T: (402) 506-9104 F: 1 (402) 261 0238 Email
Harry Klein M.D.
Physician T: (402) 506-9105 F: 1 (402) 858 7100 Email
Marty Mancuso M.D.
Physician T: (402) 506-9106 F: 1 (402) 858 7104 Email
Katharine McLeese M.D.
Physician T: (402) 506-9107 F: 1 (402) 261 0242 Email
Kirk Muffly M.D.
Physician T: (402) 506-9108 F: 1 (402) 858 7108 Email
Julia Mullen M.D.
Physician T: (402) 506-9109 F: 1 (402) 261 0241 Email
Will Ostdiek M.D.
Physician T: (402) 506-9110 F: 1 (402) 965 0722 Email
Richard Osterholm M.D.
Physician T: (402) 506-9111 F: 1 (402) 858 7103 Email
Robert Recker M.D.
Physician T: (402) 506-9112 F: 1 (402) 261 0239 Email
Doug Russell M.D.
Physician T: (402) 506-9113 F: 1 (402) 858 7110 Email
Dave Sambol M.D.
Physician T: (402) 506-9114 F: 1 (402) 858 7115 Email
Susan Scholer M.D.
Physician T: (402) 506-9115 F: 1 (402) 858 7109 Email
Alex Shehan M.D.
Physician T: (402) 506-9116 F: 1 (402) 965 0727 Email
Joseph Shehan M.D.
Physician T: (402) 506-9118 F: 1 (402) 858 7107 Email
Karen Stacey M.D.
Physician T: (402) 506-9119 F: 1 (402) 858 7111 Email
David Thompson M.D.
Physician T: (402) 506-9120 F: 1 (402) 858 7116 Email
Bill Weeks M.D.
Physician T: (402) 506-9121 F: 1 (402) 858 7112 Email
John Woodruff M.D.
Physician T: (402) 506-9122 F: 1 (402) 858 7113 Email
Mark Woodruff M.D.
Physician T: (402) 506-9123 F: 1 (402) 858 7101 Email
John Lewis PA-C
Physician Assistant T: (402) 506-9124 Email
Cheryl Lindly PA-C
Physician Assistant T: (402) 506-9044 Email
Marian Meduna PA-C
Physician Assistant T: (402) 506-9023 F: 1 (402) 965-0715 Email
Billie Jo Schrad PA-C
Physician Assistant T: (402) 506-9041 Email
Elaine Schurr PA-C
Physician Assistant T: (402) 506-9106
Chelsea Schuster PA-C
Physician Assistant T: (402) 506-9049
Brian Stoneking N.P
Nurse Practitioner T: (402) 506-9024

Working together to deliver whole person healthcare

Because caring for the whole person requires much more than just a doctor, we have assembled the finest teams of healthcare professionals to support you.

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Your whole person healthcare team includes pharmacists, physical therapists, dieticians, podiatrists, occupational therapists, dentists, optometrists, audiologists, psychologists, counselors, specialist nurses, guided care nurses, health coaches and care coordinators—as well as other specialist physicians when you need them.

By working together as one we can achieve something greater than we could achieve individually.

Our teams all use one electronic health record, so that all of your information is in one place to be easily accessed by a member of your care team, when needed.

Caring for all of you

Think is not just about one big thing. It’s about hundreds of little ones. Here are some of the many things you can expect from us:

There when you need us

Think is open seven days a week from 7am – 9pm Monday through Friday and from 9am – 5pm Saturday and Sunday, with same day appointments and short waiting times.

Your healthcare team

Think has assembled the finest teams of healthcare professionals to support you. Working alongside your physician this team is able to offer you the highest level of care.

One team in one place

Your team is in one place – right across the corridor or on another floor of the same building, ensuring we provide seamless care for you.

One clinical leader

This team is under the one clinical leadership—led by your doctor, as we strive to deliver the highest quality outcomes for you.

One electronic record

Our team all use one electronic health record, so that all of your information is in one place to be easily accessed by you, or a member of your care team, when needed.

Now Open


Our purpose built center has been designed to be a warm, welcoming space; a place in the heart of your community that has you at its heart.
You can find us at 7100 West Center Road, Aksarben.

Find out about our services at
Think Whole Person Healthcare