Physician-led Teams

At Think we call all of our patients members of the Think Community. Think Whole Person Healthcare takes a team approach to managing your healthcare, and you’re the crucial member of that team. Each of our Primary Care Physicians is surrounded by their personal team to coordinate your healthcare at no extra cost. The team includes a Personal Pharmacist, who will manage your medication to ensure it’s safe, working at its most effective, convenient and that you’re paying the lowest price.

Our Services

Moving to our new medical home is the first step in what we believe is a whole new standard of healthcare for the people of Omaha. As the needs of patients become more complex, we aim to help you manage your health, reduce hospital visits and ensure you are on therapeutic goal.
Pharmaceutical Care
Your dedicated Pharmacy on Level 1 works with your Personal Pharmacist and Doctor to pouch dispense, synchronize and home deliver your medication—at no extra cost. No more counting pills, sorting vials or worrying about a loved one’s medication. No more multiple visits to the pharmacy. Your doctor, personal pharmacist and pharmacy all under the one roof.
Same Day Testing
All your tests in one place, with a dedicated team working directly with your doctor. Lab, CT Scans, 3D Mammogram, Ultrasound and X-Ray are all carried out at the center, right next to your physician.
On Call 365 Days A Year
We are open from 7am – 9pm every day and our doctors are available from 7am – 7pm Monday to Friday. Our Pharmacy, ThinkQuick clinic, and retail on level 1 remain open on Saturdays and Sundays from 9am – 5pm. Outside of these hours we operate a round the clock on call service. That’s 24 hours of service every day of the year, so no matter what time of the day and night you are always covered.

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